Piri Reis Museum

Piri Reis was born around 1470 and was executed in 1553. He was known for his accurate maps and charts of the Mediterranean as well as his world maps.

From Ottoman Archives we know that his full name was Haci Ahmed Muhiddin Piri. It is thought that he was born at Gallipoli ( Gelibolu ) but he might have been born in central Anatolia. Piri Reis became an admiral of the Ottoman Navy and he took part in several naval wars against Spain and the Republic of Venice. Piri Reis took part in the Siege of Rhodes against The Knights of St John.

Piri Reis’s career saw him recapture Aden from the Portuguese, capture Muscat and the island of Kish and also Hormuz at the entrance of the Persian Gulf. He was famous for his successful campaigns. Piri Reis returned to Egypt as he approached the age of 90. When he refused to support the Ottoman Vali and Governor of Basra in a campaign against the Portuguese he was beheaded.


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